Makeup Lessons

Makeup Lessons

Makeup Lessons

For some women, applying makeup is an every day routine. Whether its just mascara and a lippy or a full face. There is no denying that makeup makes women feel more confident but I speak to so many women who shy away from wearing makeup and when I ask them why, the answer is pretty much always the same... because they don’t know how to do it. I have a solution – a tailored makeup lesson!

I have found a growing trend in women approaching me for makeup lessons – ideal for those who love makeup and just want to learn some techniques for improving their application and even better for those who are scared of makeup because they  just don’t know where to start.

So, I have a very personal approach to my makeup lessons. The usual format we follow is I ask the client to bring their own makeup bag with them... this isn’t so I can judge what is being used.  I like to look at the products to see what is being used, for what and ideally I want to show the client that some products can be used for multi purposes... so we have a rummage through products, make 2 piles... TO KEEP, and to DISPOSE OF.

The makeup lesson is then spent discussing current makeup routines and looking at the client face shape, skin type and eye shape etc. This is how we determine a look that flatters and is the basis for all makeup application.

After that its all about creating a wearable day time look that’s suitable for the client… going through the full process of the application, learning tips and tricks to get longevity out of the makeup.  So once the day time look is completed its then time to add small easy changes to go from day time to a glamourous evening look, perfect for nights out, functions, special events etc.

During the course of the makeup lesson, I try to incorporate as much of the clients own makeup bag as possible (if suitable), however I do of course make products recommendations too (and I always offer a budget and more luxurious product recommendation).

I do also email through a face sheet that recaps what we discussed and you what learnt in the lesson so you can refer back to it when practicing yourself at home.

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